Thor Love and Thunder Klwap (2022)

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Name Thor: Love and Thunder
Genre Action/Adventure
Language English, Hindi
Release Date July 8, 2022
Running time 119 minutes
Directed by Taika Waititi
Country United States
Budget $250 million

It is either you die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain,” it’s the premise of The Dark Knight. In the present, Christian Bale has indeed turned villain, this time in Marvel in Thor: Love and Thunder. An imposing antagonist. The script follows the comic book’s storyline and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is returning. Then there’s the hilarious wacky humor that is exclusive to director Taika Waititi. Love and Thunder is a standalone film that doesn’t match the quality of Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

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Thor Love and Thunder Klwap Review (2022)

Thor has been an integral element of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than a decade now however, his solo films have either missed the mark or have completely missed the mark. Thor: The Dark World (2013) was a terrible entry. Thor: The Origins Story (2011) was a good start. In the end, everyone’s list of top five MCU films will include Thor: Ragnarok (2017) certain. Expectations were high before the release due to return of the Hemsworth/Taika waititi collaboration.

If Gorr (Bale), who seeks to destroy gods after being cheated by one, decides to attacking New Asgard to steal the Stormbreaker, Thor has to stop the god butcher by joining forces with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Waititi) and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who has transformed into Mighty Thor. The story is simple and straight-forward, which is an improvement from the previous Marvel movies. The acting is also good. Hemsworth plays the title character, who is suffering from an emotional crisis in his midlife. However, Bale and Portman are outstanding. The opening credits sequence the potential of what Bale can accomplish. Gorr could have been the next Thanos for MCU which is in desperate need of good supervillains, and Bale is able to bring a certain that eerie quality to the character but there’s not a whole lot more.

On the other on the other hand, Portman, who makes her reentry to the Marvel world following her absence from the last two Thor films, plays the cancer-stricken ex-girlfriend selected by Mjolnir. With the way Marvel is willing to hand over the roles of Hawkeye and in a few weeks, Hulk, to women characters, I expected that the Mighty Thor to be a similar tick mark on the list of representation. But the film does build an emotional backstory for the astrophysicist who can showcase her biceps in several scenes.

Marvel also does its own stretching out in all its cameos. We also get to see the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, including Sam Neill and Matt Damon reprising their roles as Thor Ragnarok’s Loki, Odin and Thor, respectively. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are also seen as Hela and the director for the Asgardian play. Waititi, who has since Ragnarok directed Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit, is back with his favorite type of play. There are hilarious scenes like an emo goat and a noisy one Korg’s narration of Thor’s story, Thor making leg-splits, or Valkyrie becoming the brand ambassador for Old Spice…

The premise is that Thor seeks his Mjolnir but is afraid of the jealousy of Stormbreaker. These gags are hilarious, however they are at the expense of intense emotion. They also expose the thin plot. Thor: Love and Thunder examines all kinds of love, from father-daughter bonds to complex relationships between estranged lovers… There is an analogy between Gorr losing his respect for Rapu and Thor becoming disillusioned at Zeus (played in this film by Russell Crowe). These concepts are endless however…

As with all games, there are plenty of easter eggs and even a few references to films like Interstellar and Harry Potter. A glimpse of Falligar Dead God depicted directly from comic books. We can see Hemsworth wearing the first of the Thor costume that comic-book readers recognize. When he is fighting Zeus, Thor reveals his true colors. We also see a tattoo reading ‘RIP Loki with the costume of the trickster on the back of our Viking. The dark Necrosword is introduced and it’s interesting to see how more weapons are shown that can control individuals, considering the way Stormbreaker and Mjolnir appear to have their own minds.

This is what we saw using Shang Chi’s ten ring as well as Ms. Marvel’s magical bangle as well as the Ebony blade in the Eternals post-credits scene. The line “Gods are not empowering you however, they will utilize your power” from Marvel’s latest show, Moonknight, feels very familiar. There’s an interesting story about Valkyrie lost her beloved love in the war and Korg finding love with another Kronan man.

The first part of the movie reminds us of the vibrant colors we enjoyed in Ragnarok, but much of the second part is set in a dark world, where everything is black and white. It must be said though that the monochrome action scenes are very enjoyable.

Hemsworth continues to play Thor This is a relief for MCU fans who’ve watched the original Avengers die or hang their heads.

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